About Me

I am passionate about life and working as a psychologist in private and corporate sectors. I pride my work as a clinician and enjoy working with a broad spectrum of clients. My clinical areas of expertise include stress, anxiety, depressive, body dysmorphic, eating, sleep and circadian rhythm disorders.

I value people, knowledge and health. Since 2002 I have been presenting at State and National conferences and shared research about common mental health disorders, such as anxiety and depression in Australian workplaces. Between 2005 and 2015 I worked as a beyondblue Facilitator with the National Workplace Program (NWP) to help breakdown the stigma associated with anxiety and depression conditions.

I currently serve in the Royal Australian Navy as a Navy Psychologist on a part-time basis. My duties vary but include counselling for issues of personal concern including anxiety, depression, relationships, anger management, and stress. I think it is important all working Australians manage stress effectively as we become more challenged at maintaining wellbeing.

In summary, I consider myself an interactive; brief solution-focused, cognitive, behavioural, existentialist and mindfulness-based psychologist. The counselling approach and therapeutic interventions I apply aim to effectively address mental health challenges and problems with scientifically based solutions.


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Face to Face or Phone Session - I am available to meet you at my private practice or to connect by phone, please email hello@mindstar.com.au or call 1300 907 098 to find out how to make a booking.

Areas of Focus

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    Anxiety, Stress & Depression

    Stress, anxiety, and depressive conditions can debilitate people and reduce their quality of life. I have extensive skills and experience with helping people overcome these conditions.

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    Weight Management

    Weight management is a long-term approach to a healthier mind and body. I am experienced at helping people balance healthy eating with physical exercise to develop healthy habits.

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    Relaxation is a state where you feel calm and able to manage day-to-day stress. I provide relaxation techniques to relieve stress including relaxed breathing and deep muscle relaxation.

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    Mindfulness is a form of self-awareness training adapted from meditation. I have used mindfulness to help people reduce stress, increase self-awareness, enhance their health and wellbeing.

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    Lack of sleep can cause physical and psychological health problems. I have successfully worked with people with sleep-related problems for the past 12 years.

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    Couples Therapy

    Couples therapy can be used to harmonise and galvanise relationships. I have the knowledge, experience and skills to help people improve the quality and sustainability of their relationships.


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