About Me

I have a background as a military psychologist and senior Army officer, in private practice, in the tertiary sector, supporting people with health and exercise goals, and educating and supervising psychologists.

I’m excited to work alongside people to build personal resilience, identify and reduce sources of unhealthy stress and eliminate obstacles to productivity, wellness and peak performance. I'm a firm believer in catching psychological concerns early, and love to help people take steps to turn setbacks into opportunities for growth. Often, a fresh perspective, having someone on side to help you recognise your strengths, clarify your priorities and options, and keep you accountable to your goals, is all it takes to get you unstuck, re-energised, through a tough patch, or pointed in the right direction. I like to treat sessions as a collaborative, goal-oriented conversation, which is light-hearted, practical, and geared for you to take away new ideas and strategies to make "real world" changes.

I’m available for personal or work-related counselling, coaching and personal development, management support and work psychology advice, support with health and fitness goals, and psychologist supervision. I look forward to the chance to meet you.


Video Session - click CHECK AVAILABILITY on my profile to choose an available date & time on the calendar to book your session.

Phone Session - I am available to connect by phone, please email hello@mindstar.com.au or call 1300 907 098 to find out how to make a booking.

Areas of Focus

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    Health & Wellbeing

    Shifting behavioural habits and thinking can result in improved physical and psychological health and wellbeing. If you’re stuck or plateauing in your progress, let’s work through this together.

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    Work & Career

    I have extensive experience and expertise around workplace issues such as work stress, conflict, bullying and career transitions. I also love to support clients leadership and people management goals.

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    Performance & Sports

    I've worked with resilience and performance enhancement in military troops, aviators, Antarctic expeditioners, police, senior executives and amateur athletes.

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    Clinical Supervision

    I'm accredited to supervise provisional psychologists, higher degree psychology students and organisational psychology interns and registrars and can provide peer supervision.

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    Life Coaching

    Greater understanding of yourself, your strengths and values is the first step towards clarifying and achieving your goals. Having someone in your corner can turn resolutions into accomplishments.

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    Stress arises when our demands exceed our capacity to cope. Fortunately there are many solutions available to rebalance the equation. You might be surprised at the solutions we generate together.


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